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Rukket Grasshopper Soccer Goals

I have to preface this review with saying that we are not a soccer family, my kids don’t play soccer; my daughter is a gymnast and my son would rather ride his bike. That being said...


Koraman Sports Spray Water Bottle

My daughter has been bugging me for one of these spray water bottles for a while now so now hopefully she’ll be happy since this arrived. I can see why she wanted one, she does gymnastics...


Portable Camping Hammock

I admittedly did not get this hammock because it is portable, I got it to use on my kid’s playground/tree fort. All the neighbor kids come to our house to play and I thought it would...


Jumphigh Pogo Stick

  My kids have been bugging me for a pogo stick (like they don’t have enough stuff) and now they have one and they are thrilled. I’m sure that the excitement will eventually wear off but...