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I recently decided that I wanted a [amazon text=Ring Doorbell&asin=B072QLXK2T] and also decided that I wanted an Echo Spot to view my doorbell on. I’ve completed a review of the doorbell and here are the basics of the Spot. I should say that I had an [amazon text=Echo Dot&asin=B0792KTHKJ] for about a year before upgrading and I really think it was a good decision.

This is not a full tutorial review of the [amazon text=Spot&asin=B073SRJD46] but rather showing the basics of how it works and something that was important to me- changing the clock. What can I say, I was a designer for years and I love clocks.

I have found that the [amazon text=Spot&asin=B073SRJD46] is easy to use and there are things that I didn’t realize I would like as much as I do. The most basic thing that I have found the most useful is having Alexa spell things for my kids. I’m usually the speller of the house but they like to ask me when I’m busy or in the middle of cooking dinner, when they ask Alexa not only does she spell it out for them, it is displayed so that my little guy can see it and take his time writing it since he is still learning.

You can play music videos, youtube videos, I can view my Ring camera, I can ask about the weather, play games, have her turn on my LED lights, have her find my phone if I lose it, drop in on my daughter’s room so I can tell her to do her chores… Every day there is something else we discover we can do.

If you’re thinking about getting an Echo and can’t decide which one to get- the dot is perfectly fine but the Spot has a better speaker, a touch display and everyone knows a picture speaks a thousand words. I love the design, the ease of use and I’m very happy with my decision to upgrade.

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