SmartyKat Cat Toy

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This SmartyKat Cat Toy has been amazing for my cats.

My cats are lazy. Occasionally they will run around the house and chase each other but mostly they are like most cats and just hang around the house, sleep and eat (a lot like my teenager actually). They have scratchers, toy mice (these are one thing they like to play with) catnip, catnip bubbles, tower toys, balls, etc. Pretty much, they are spoiled and have every toy they could want and they are bored (also like my teenager). Then while on TikTok one day I saw this toy and knew this was one they would actually use.

I will say this just arrived today so I cannot speak for its durability yet but it does seem well made. This takes 3 AA batteries (not included) which are screwed in. The wand with the “animal” on it screws into the base but it will come out after a while and you can easily put it back on. The “skirt” on the top has an elastic ring on top to hold it on. There is a button on the top to turn it on an off and change the speed, there are two speeds, my video shows the faster speed. After a certain amount of time it does turn itself off, it seems to be about 15 minutes after you turn it on. It is pretty quiet until the bait gets caught and then you will hear it click. The great thing is when you see the lights on it that is when the bait stops and the cats will back off and quit holding it so that it can move around again.

If you have more than one cat, this is a great toy because more than one of them can play with it at a time. If you have one cat they will have lots of fun with it by themselves. My cats were asleep when I put this on the floor and they woke up and came over to it and have been playing with it for over an hour now and that is without me spraying catnip on it (something I typically have to do with toys). Highly recommend this toy for your kitties. Even if it doesn’t last a super long time, they have already played with it long enough for me to get my money’s worth but I have a feeling this is going to last a while.

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