Modern Cat Tree

My spoiled cat Helvetica needed a new cat tree. This should be a simple thing but coming from a design background I of course couldn’t have the run-of-the-mill carpet covered cat tree. I literally spent over a week looking for the perfect [amazon text=cat tree &asin=B0742J4TZ9].

Not only did I want something with some style I also had to find something that fit into the space I had and I wanted something with at least 2 levels. I also am not a huge fan of the carpet covered look and one thing most people don’t realize is that some of these products have formaldehyde so pay attention to that. Finally, I decided on this [amazon text=cat tree &asin=B0742J4TZ9] and I’m really happy with my decision (and so is my cat).

This is quite heavy which is a good thing. The box shown in the beginning was the first of three which is great for a cat owner. 🙂 After getting everything out and organized I got to work. I honestly didn’t time how long it took me to put it together because I was doing a million other things but I would say it didn’t take more than 1/2hr. The hardest part was putting the box together, mostly because it is the first step so I was getting my bearings. Make sure you pay attention to the velcro for the scratch pad- this will tell you which piece is the top. Also, make sure you pay attention to the square- you will want the front and back to match.

It is very helpful to be aware of the label on the bottom front this will help you figure out where certain pieces go and keep the picture on the box handy as this helped me a lot too.

All of the hardware and tools are included but I did grab a phillip’s head screwdriver to make it easier on me.

The only other thing I found difficult was trying to keep my cat away while I was trying to build this! The good news is it is very sturdy and my cat loves it. The other good news, we just got a new kitten and she is using the new [amazon text=kitty condo&asin=B0742J4TZ9] as well. I’m so glad my week of research paid off!

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0742J4TZ9]

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