Best Bully Sticks Natural Beef Pizzle Dog Treats

I’ve tried a few best bully sticks now and sometimes my stubborn Jack Russell (he’s 14) likes them and sometimes he doesn’t; my Jack in the Box (Jack Russell Boxer) Sookie doesn’t care as long as she can eat it so don’t judge by her reaction. 🙂

I know that these [amazon text=treats&asin=B019QV5HOC] say odor-free but they do have a slight order, nothing compared to your traditional treat like this but there is still a scent; however it seems to be only when you first take them out of the bag, I can’t smell anything while they are chewing them. I included a video review so you can see Ollie and Sookie and their excitement at trying out this product. Ollie really likes these. I have been giving them to them once a day for a few days now and he still gets excited when I grab the bag because he knows he’s getting the good stuff. 🙂

You do get quite a few [amazon text=treats&asin=B019QV5HOC] in this bag, not as many as some of the other best bully sticks products but the fact that these are all natural is a big selling point for me. Also, these treats are made in America, Free Range, Grass Fed Beef, USDA/FDA Approved and free of any Hormones or Additives, these are also major points in this product’s favor. 

Overall, if my stubborn, picky Jack Russell who doesn’t even like peanut butter likes these there’s a pretty good chance your dog will too. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019QV5HOC]

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