Best Broom Ever

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I love this broom (is a sentence I never thought I would say). But, it happened, and this is the broom. I saw this one day on one of those Facebook posts with cleaning products and the best ones to purchase off of Amazon. When I saw it I told my husband if I ever found it I was going to buy it, he didn’t say no, so guess what, I bought it.

I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids and 1 husband. I have messes to clean. I would get so annoyed when I would sweep and that fuzzy, gross, dust bunny nonsense would attach itself to my broom and force me to clean it off. That is the beauty of this broom and dustpan set.

When this arrives it is a box that looks way too small and I thought for sure I had wasted my money. I opened it up and screwed the handles onto the broom and dustpan and thought for sure those were not going to stay. I was wrong on both counts.

Now, the crazy part, I was actually excited to clean my floors. I swept the kitchen and was able to remove all the gross stuff from the broom with the teeth on the dustpan. Easy peasy and not gross at all.

This is not like dustpans I’ve used in the past where it flips easily, it locks in place which is a little awkward but makes sense. That and the fact that the lip on the dustpan is a little thicker than I would like are my only complaints. Otherwise I highly recommend this broom. I recommend anything that makes me look forward to cleaning my floors.

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