Handmade Swedish Tomte Gnome

Guess who got another Swedish gnome to review, this girl did! And guess who is super excited to have another [amazon text=Swedish Gnome&asin=B06VWXB2PP] hanging out on her living room shelf, this girl!

If you’ve seen my other gnome review (sadly there are currently only two) you know that I absolutely love my first Gnome (Tomte) that I keep calling [amazon text=Gnomie&asin=B01MQGXJTP] despite the fact that I have way better names suggested on my youtube channel. 🙂 Now I have this new guy to add to my living room and I have been calling him Captain Caveman, I’m open to other name suggestions but there is the possibility that one might stick.

This guy really couldn’t be any cuter. He is roughly 7” tall depending on how you have his hat posed and that does not include his legs which hang nicely over my 2” shelf. I forgot to mention in my video that his hat is poseable. There is a (what feels like) a wire in the hat so you could have it stand straight up if you want to. Also, I don’t know if it shows up very well but the hat is beautifully knitted in a gray and white pattern. As someone who knits I really appreciate that added attention to detail. I also love his little striped legs, other shot to add attention to detail, they could have easily been a plain color.

There are what I’m assuming to be bean bag like beans in his bottom to keep him steady while sitting on the shelf, you will see in the video that he is a little hard to tip over for that reason. What I like best about this little guy is his beard that seems to go all around his head. It’s gray and fuzzy and adorable and it is exactly why I have taken to calling him Captain Caveman.

I know that these cute little guys are suppose to be put out for Christmas decorations, but in my house they will stay out all year long as you will see in my photo. There’s something just so whimsical and lovely about these little guys and gnomes in general. If you don’t currently have a gnome in your house get one, if you name them they are good luck. 🙂

I will be doing another review shortly of the [amazon text=book&asin=B0722QHG7M] that this company also sent me that is about, you guessed it, a gnome.

In the meantime I will be hanging out with Captain Caveman and Gnomie enjoying their company.

All of these gnomes and many others are available on Amazon or directly through the company’s website: www.7productgroup.com

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B06VWXB2PP]

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