Jancosta Super Absorbent Sweat Towel


This towel is way nicer than I had expected. When I first read that it was a waffle towel I immediately thought of my dishtowels that are like that and didn’t anticipate it being as soft as it is. If you don’t have experience with waffle towels they are very absorbent and this one is no exception and that is just the beginning.

Whoever thought of the design of this [amazon text=towel &asin=B00YAH2QYW] was a genius. I admit that I don’t get to go to the gym anymore since kid number 2 but I do hit my treadmill at least 3 days a week. I used this today for my run and it was great but then I realized all the benefits of this [amazon text=towel &asin=B00YAH2QYW] I could have used when I did go to the gym. There is a zippered pouch on this which is perfect if you only bring your keys into the gym with you; no more looking for an empty locker to put your keys in. If you have this towel you can throw your keys in it and keep them with you while you’re working out. You can also throw your headphones and phone into it when you’re on the way to the gym.

The genius doesn’t end there though. Thanks to the strap on the front of this you can take one side of the towel and pull it through and you now can keep it around your neck and not worry about it coming off or if you’re like me working out at home you can hook it on the arm of your treadmill so that your new kitten doesn’t pull it off. 🙂

This is the perfect gym towel, it is almost the swiss army knife of [amazon text=towels &asin=B00YAH2QYW]. Great product.

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