Hughapy Adult Mermaid Blanket

I got this mermaid blanket for my daughter, she had been bugging me for one but I’m a knitter not a crocheter and this would have taken me FOREVER to knit so when the opportunity came along to get this one I jumped at it and I’m glad I did.

As I said I’m a knitter so I’m kind of picky about my yarn related items and other than one end that could have been woven in a little better I have no complaints with this. It is well made, tight stitching and my daughter says it is very warm; I wouldn’t know personally because she hasn’t let it out of her sight since it arrived.

I love the colors in the yarn they add a lot of visual interest and the yarn is very soft. I also like that it isn’t completely closed up at the bottom, I don’t know if all [amazon text=mermaid blankets&asin=B01E9X01FC] are like this but it is a nice feature.

My daughter (who tosses and turns all night long) said this is the first [amazon text=blanket&asin=B01E9X01FC] that stayed on her all night and that made her happy. I have included a video review so you can see more of the details. I would included detailed dimensions but the blanket is currently on a sleepover with my daughter because she couldn’t wait to take it and show it to her friends.

This also came with a pretty little mermaid necklace that my daughter also loves, I don’t know if they all come with this but it was a very nice surprise.

This is a beautiful [amazon text=blanket&asin=B01E9X01FC] that is very well made and best of all I didn’t have to spend a couple months making it myself. 🙂

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