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SmartyKat Cat Toy

(This site contains affiliate links for amazon. For more information visit my disclosure page– I did pay for this product in full)  This SmartyKat Cat Toy has been amazing for my cats. My cats are lazy....


Modern Cat Tree

My spoiled cat Helvetica needed a new cat tree. This should be a simple thing but coming from a design background I of course couldn’t have the run-of-the-mill carpet covered cat tree. I literally spent over...


BUYBAR Large Retractable Dog Leash

This is a very large and strong retractable dog leash which is perfect because I got it for my large and strong dog Sookie. I will admit that my one issue with this leash is that it...


Playpaw Puppy Potty Training Bells

We recently got a new dog after our Jack Russell passed away and for the first time in many years I have been back to puppy potty training which if you are currently puppy potty training...


Best Bully Sticks Bully Bites

I’ve tried a few different products from best bully sticks and some I (or my dogs rather) like better than others. These Bully Bite treats however my dogs loved. We recently got a new puppy and...