MushroomCat Cat Scratcher and Lounger

Wow is my kitty lucky to have this MushroomCat scratcher. My cat (Helvetica) is just over a year old and still very curious so I was not surprised when I got this out and she jumped right on it and immediately started scratching on it and making it her own. What did surprise me is that days later she still loves it, she hasn’t lost interest and there are still tons of places on it that she hasn’t scratched.

This is a SOLID [amazon text=cat scratcher&asin=B01F3901B0]. I said in my video review that I thought it could hold my daughter (she’s 11) and it can! I love the design of it too. I’m not a big fan of cutesy cat furniture that is designed for the animal and not for the home that it is going in. This is a little cute but I feel like it is more modern than cute so I’m a fan of the design.

This comes with a little bag of catnip to help your kitty love it that much more but I didn’t have to use it until I was ready to do my video review because Helvi has been using the [amazon text=scratcher&asin=B01F3901B0] without it.

The top, all of the inside and the outside edges are scratchable. Basically the only thing that isn’t corrugated are the black and white parts. The only thing to take note of is because of its rounded shape if your kitty is on top and leans to the very edge of the ear it can roll to the side, for some reason my cat seems to enjoy when this happens though, maybe it’s like a kitty roller coaster. 🙂

I was going to add dimensions but they are in the product listing. It is much wider than I anticipated but in a good way. I use to have a 20 pound cat named Angus Beef and even he would have easily fit on this. I’m including pictures of Helvitica playing on this [amazon text=scratcher&asin=B01F3901B0] and one of her when she fell asleep playing with it. I have one very happy kitty with this product that’s for sure.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01F3901B0]

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