BUYBAR Large Retractable Dog Leash

This is a very large and strong retractable dog leash which is perfect because I got it for my large and strong dog Sookie.

I will admit that my one issue with this [amazon text=leash&asin=B01E85L6RS] is that it is a little heavy, and this is not my first large dog leash like this but this one is heavier than the other ones I’ve tried but so far, that is its only downfall.

I really like the way the locking mechanism on this works, I demonstrate it in my video review. It is quick to use, works easily and it is a nice smooth leash. My dog is around 60 pounds and although she is generally a good walker she does occasionally tug and she is all muscle so I need a good leash to keep her from going anywhere. I had no issues holding her with this despite the fact that she saw another littler dog that she desperately wanted to play with.

The handle on this [amazon text=leash&asin=B01E85L6RS] has a rubber finish to it so it is comfortable when walking for a long time. This is important because I have another leash that has a plastic handle and it feels awful when using it.  I went with the black color but this also comes in [amazon text=red&asin=B01E85L6EG] and [amazon text=blue&asin=B01E85L6D2] and different sizes as well. 

So far I have no complaints with this other than the weight of it. It is just starting to get warm here so it is just the beginning of our walking season and since it is also camping season our dog that is typically off leash will have to use this a lot and I have complete faith that I won’t have any issues with it.

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