Playpaw Puppy Potty Training Bells

We recently got a new dog after our Jack Russell passed away and for the first time in many years I have been back to puppy potty training which if you are currently puppy potty training you know how fun that is.

Our previous dog had been bell trained because we had a 3rd floor apartment but his bells were not as nice as these ones. My main complaint with these [amazon text=training bells&asin=B01EJ8DONS], which really doesn’t affect me because I have a girl dog, is that they are pretty feminine patterns and they do kind of stand out in my home. I would have been OK with a solid color or something that didn’t stand out so much because lets face it, either way, my dog doesn’t care what they look like.

If you’re not familiar with bell training I highly recommend it. A lot of people don’t train this way and end up with very scratched up doors from their dogs trying to tell them they need to go out. The concept is very simple, get ready to take the puppy out, have them hit the [amazon text=bell&asin=B01EJ8DONS] with their paw first and say something like, “wanna go potty”. Eventually as you will see in my video review the dog will ring the [amazon text=bell&asin=B01EJ8DONS] whenever they want to go potty or in my case right now just because it is a nice day when they want to play outside.

These [amazon text=bells&asin=B01EJ8DONS] are nice and long and loud, loud in important, and they are easy for my dog to reach and they are good for dogs of various heights. The straps feel like they are nylon and they are well made.

These are certainly working well for us, so far today no accidents in the house and Atari (my puppy) is only 4 months old.

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