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Our dog recently passed away so for the first time in many years I am potty training a puppy again and I’m beginning to think I’m nuts for thinking it was no big deal. 🙂

We call these [amazon text=wee wee pads&asin=B00KX93S52] in my house so that is how I’m going to refer to them and how I refer to them in my video review. To me [amazon text=wee wee pads&asin=B00KX93S52] are an essential part of potty training. We got our puppy (her name is Atari) a couple of weeks ago and we adopted her from a rescue. We are fortunate enough that she had the basics of using the wee wee pad right off the bat with a few mistakes here and there but still it doesn’t mean that it is easy.

I currently have 3 different brands of pads in my house and I show them all in my video review. We have some store bought ones from petsmart that we use for overnight and in her crate because I found they are a little more absorbent but also a lot more expensive. I think we paid $17 for 30 of them. The other brand I show is hartz and they have a lavender scent to them and my dog won’t use them.

I got these [amazon text=pads&asin=B00KX93S52] out and put them down and Atari had no issues using them. My only complaints are that the edges don’t fold out automatically when you put them down so you are going to want to make sure those are out because they help hold the pee on the pad. Also these pads are a little thinner so although they do the job I have to change them a little more often than the petsmart ones which is fine. Since they are thinner they don’t take up as much room in the trash, if you need to travel they won’t take up as much room. Also, the design on the back is super cute.

You will notice in my video review I have 2 down. This is partly because they are smaller than my petsmart ones but mostly because my puppy is still getting her aim down and likes to hit the edge of the pad. This is why puppies are cute, so we don’t get mad at them when they ruin our stuff. 🙂

Overall, for the price these [amazon text=pads&asin=B00KX93S52] are a great deal, you will use a little more than a more expensive pad but not enough to justify paying more for the expensive ones. I’m just hoping we have this potty training thing down so I don’t have to buy another bag of them but if I do and I have to choose between the petsmart ones and these I would choose these. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00KX93S52]

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