Snack Care Package Review

After expressing my concerns over the snack box the seller informed me that they are working on the right combinations of snacks to get it down to something that is worth the price and works for everyone. I think they are on the right track so I’m updating my star ranking (from 3 to 4 stars) but there are still a few issues. I show in my video review both the new updated snack pack (that is the first one shown) and the original one I received. There are still some things I can do without but I’m glad to see less sunflower seeds. Wise chips were included in the updated pack but one of my bags was deflated. I was sad to see one less bag of cheez-its and one less package of keebler crackers because these are things that I really liked in the last pack. There are still smaller items like the haribo gummy bears and the fun size skittles and slim jims but I understand that they can’t fill the box with full size everything and still make it a decent price.

All that being said if you are planning on using this [amazon text=snack package&asin=B01CR5OXAI]Β to send as a gift packaging for a student or a friend I think it would be well received as there is a big variety and not a ton of each product. If you are planning on purchasing this for yourself for a trip I would think unless you are short on time it would be better to go and get individual items yourself.

I will say the sour gummy worms I have never had and I may or may not have stolen a couple from my kids. πŸ™‚ Everything that we’ve tried so far was fresh with expiration dates that were quite a ways away. This new sample box was much better than the original one I received.

This [amazon text=box of snacks&asin=B01CR5OXAI] couldn’t have come at a better time, they arrived the day before I got the flu and kept my kids from bugging me every two seconds while I was sick. πŸ™‚

This is a very large [amazon text=box of snacks&asin=B01CR5OXAI] with a little bit of something for everyone. I took photos and video of it before we started pigging out so you can see in my video review everything that was included.

I double checked all the expiration dates on everything because I’m a freak about that sort of thing. Everything was fresh and delicious and there was a nice mix of healthy snacks and not so healthy snacks. There were some products I had never seen before and some that I hadn’t seen in years that brought back childhood memories.

I think my favorite things were the grandma’s chocolate chip cookies and the andy cap cheese fries, my son loved all the gummy bear and gummy circles, my husband loves oreos and was happy to see those in there but since he is dieting he was happy to see only one package of them and my daughter seemed to eat everything else. The only thing we didn’t eat is the sunflower seeds, we’re not a family that typically consumes these and there were quite a few of them in there. Otherwise everything else is gone already and it was yummy.

So that’s all the good stuff, here’s the not so good stuff. Some of these items are great portion sizes for example the keebler crackers were larger than standard as were the oreos. However, some items were very small, the gummy bears were very tiny packages, the twizzlers were single sticks and it felt like some of these smaller items were included to bring the quantity count up while keeping the price down. This was a slight disappointment but in the greater scheme of things if you were indeed sending this as a care package to someone they probably wouldn’t care, if you were buying this for yourself for a road trip or a party that might be an issue.

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