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Sometimes there is nothing I like more than spoiling my pets (occasionally spoiling my children is high on my list but I also think my pets are more grateful :-D). This is a prime occasion that I get to spoil my my dog. Now, that being said I thought I was spoiling my 60+ pound Jack in the box (Jack Russell Boxer) named Sookie. Sookie tends to like to hang out in my 17 pound Jack Russell’s tiny bed which I find hysterical but I feel bad for her. The good news is that Sookie now has her own giant bed, the bad news is that the Jack Russell (Ollie) has stolen it. 🙂

This bed came and it is huge and I mean that in the best possible way. It is so padded and comfortable that my 10 year old daughter decided to get into it and she fit! Since I was an Interior Designer for years I did a quick sketch with dimensions and added a photo to this review so you can get an idea of the size of this. Also, the bone pillow at its widest is 10″ x 7″ in case you’re wondering about that as well.

I got the blue color because at the time that was all that was in stock but I love the paisley print one as well. I really like the light color of the bed too because both of my dogs are white so the hair doesn’t show up as much. Since this is (I believe) microfiber I have no doubts that it will hold up well and clean easily.

If you have spoiled pups like I do or a 10 year old that wants a tiny bed to hang out in this is a fantastic option. 🙂

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