Sentey Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

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Listening to Music and Talk Over the Phone or Tablet, Travel Headphones, Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life, Audiophile High End Wireless Headphones and a Hard Carrying Case Included!

I got these for myself and my husband saw them and said how nice they were and took them to work. At least he was nice enough to write the following review for me. (It’s impressive; I’m quite proud of him.)

  • Sound quality is the best I have experienced yet. Very crisp treble and very deep base.
  • Really like the case it comes in and that there is a strap to secure the headphones in the case. There is also a netted pouch to hold the audio auxiliary cable and the power charger cable.
  • Even the cables appear to be high quality “flat” style cables which help avoid the wires getting twisted and knotted up.
  • Only one input to worry about for both the auxiliary audio and the power charger, they both plug into the same input.
  • I hate when headphones do not clearly label left and right ears, these have clearly high contrast printed symbols on the inside that you can quickly recognize which way to place the headphones on your ears.
  • Powering on and off the headphones are super easy, buttons are easy to recognize by touch while on the head without looking and the voices that let you know that the headphones are on and paired via bluetooth actually sound pretty human and not lame at all.
  • Syncing to my iPhone and computer were super quick and easy and when I powered down the headphones and powered them back on there was no long delay and it paired back up with my devices automatically and lets you know in the headphones with a voice telling you it is paired.
  • The other two buttons are volume up and volume down/ Next and previous songs, they too are easy to locate while wearing the headphones and there are tones to let you know your action was registered with the buttons.
  • The headphones are a little clunky when folding them up but the carry case makes up for that.
  • The ear cushions are super soft and the headphones do not squeeze my head or hurt my ears at all.
  • The ear cushions cover most of my ear and I imagine would completely cup smaller ears and ears that do not have earlobes. Regardless they cancel out most outside noise so all you hear is crystal clear music.
  • They are also expandable to accommodate most head sizes (yes even my large head) and there is even a padded section on top of the head as well.
  • I think the Instructions say up to 8 hours of play on a charge which I think it pretty good!

Esthetically they are awesome looking, and my only beef is they do stick out about 2 inches on either side of your head because the arm support wraps all the way around and over each ear piece instead of stoping above each ear piece like most headphones. But in a way I think that is what also makes them kind of cool looking. Even the nice black and simulated brushed metal (Which is plastic) look of them is cool.

My overall impression of these would be a 5 star rating. I really like them WAY more than the other set I have. You can just tell from the box they came in that they were well designed and a high quality product you will not be disappointed in using or wearing.

That’s his review, I hope it was helpful. They sound really nice, wish I could have kept them for myself like I had intended. 🙂

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