Daisy Loom Refill for Rainbow Loom

You can not beat the price on this [amazon text=rainbow loom refill set&chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B00GJSWDG6]. I admit that my daughter is not as into these as she used to be but she still gets out her bands every once and a while and makes stuff; especially when we are camping. These arrived and she perked up a little at the thought of them being scented and that some are glow in the dark.

She says that these are very similar to the original bands just not quite as stretchy. The scent is very noticeable. If you only have a few they smell similar to my vintage strawberry shortcake dolls but when you have all 3 packages out they smell sort of like fun dip or a very sugary fruity candy.

The charms that are included are a soccer ball, a smiley face, a daisy, a piece sign and another flower.

There are fluorescent colors in one package, a package of purple, white and blue and a glow in the dark package. Each package comes with a bag of “s” hooks and a mini crochet hook. I’m not sure if all bags include the same charms and colors but that is what mine came with.

My daughter seems happy with these and she is back to making bracelets by the truckload again. She certainly won’t be running out of bands any time soon.

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