Best Bully Sticks Bully Bites

I’ve tried a few different products from best bully sticks and some I (or my dogs rather) like better than others. These Bully Bite treats however my dogs loved.

We recently got a new puppy and so I wanted a smaller easier to chew [amazon text=treat&asin=B01DFKAG96] for the puppy to try especially since she is in training and these were ideal for her. These are a soft [amazon text=treat&asin=B01DFKAG96] so i don’t know how well they will work with dental issues but they are quite dense so I could see where they will be beneficial. They are easy to break in half which is good when you are puppy training.

Both of my dogs ate these right up, my big dog Sookie ate hers with in a matter of seconds (to be fair she can eat almost anything within seconds) and our new dog, Atari, takes a little longer with them. I didn’t have any issues with them upsetting the puppy’s stomach which can be an issue with puppies being introduced to new things.

My favorite thing about Best Bully Stick products is that they are made in the USA and made with good, natural products. Having a dog who recently passed away with cancer I will try what I can to make sure my dogs are as healthy as I can. ¬†Also, speaking of older dogs these would be an ideal [amazon text=treat&asin=B01DFKAG96] as well if you have a dog who does have teeth issues and can’t chew hard things, especially young or older dogs, it is just as important if not more important to take good care of their teeth as well.¬†

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