PetFusion Modern Cat Tree

I’m beyond impressed with this [amazon text=cat activity tree&asin=B013F3XMDA]. I recently got a rescued “kitten” for my birthday after my 16 year old cat passed away. I’ve had 3 cats before my current one but this one (her name is Helvetica) is by far the most spoiled and she is the first one I’ve gotten a [amazon text=cat tree&asin=B013F3XMDA] for.

Part of the reason that I never got one before is because I knew I wanted one in our living room but as a past Interior Designer I knew I didn’t want the typical carpet covered monstrosity in my living space. I saw this PetFusion cat tree and knew it was the one for me. First thing I was drawn to was its modern design. I’m a fan of all things modern and not only does this have the clean lines of a modern piece it also has an Asian inspired feel to it and the two styles work perfectly together.

When this arrived I was first surprised at how heavy it is, it weighs approximately 30 pounds and it is solid. The wood has a beautiful cherry finish that works great in my space. The fuzzy pieces are so soft that my 10 year old says she wants to live in them. 🙂

This was very easy to put together and it includes the hardware and the allen wrench. My daughter (again she’s 10) helped me and if you’re a mother you know how well kids help. The directions say that you should have two people to set this up and it would be quite difficult to do it alone but not completely impossible. Between my daughter and I we had it together in less than 10 minutes. It might have taken less time but my kitten decided to “help” us.

Not only do you get this beautiful piece of pet furniture the company also sent along a spray bottle of catnip essential oil to spray on it. I put a couple squirts on and my cat loved it.

I am absolutely impressed with the quality and design of this [amazon text=cat tree&asin=B013F3XMDA]. It is durable, functional and beautiful and there’s not a lot of pet products you can say that about.

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