DBPOWER Hawkeye Quadcopter

We have tried out quite a few quadcopters now and this one by far is the most unique and according to my husband it is very fun to use.

I’m going to try my best to tell you about this product and I have included a video of it in action too. I apologize for the fact that the video isn’t very clear in parts but we got this for my daughter for Christmas and she was outside playing when we filmed this. We also weren’t able to get very good video from the quadcopter for the same reason but the little bit we did get was nice and clear.

OK, disclaimer out of the way here’s some information about this [amazon text=Hawkeye Quadcopter&asin=DBPOWER Hawkeye Quadcopter ].

It is smaller than other quadcopters we’ve tried (I have it packed away for Christmas now but I think it think it was under 5″ square)

It is powerful, this is quite fast

It doesn’t just fly, it drives too which is super cool.

There are multiple set up options including standard [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=DBPOWER Hawkeye Quadcopter ] without blade guards, with blade guards, 4 small wheels or 2 large wheels (my husband said this was the funnest set-up). The large wheels make this better for beginners because the blades can’t hit anything and the quadcopter is fairly protected in there. You can fly it with all these setups so even though it has wheels on it you can still fly it or switch it over and drive it.

The battery on this seemed to last longer than our other [amazon text=quadcopters&asin=DBPOWER Hawkeye Quadcopter ] but we’ll still get extras. Nothing is more frustrating than playing with your quadcopter and the battery dies and you have to wait at least a couple of hours for it charge. There is a USB battery charger cable included that turns red when it is charging.

This comes with a 4GB card for filming video and a USB adaptor to get the video on your computer

The controller is (according to my husband) the best one he’s used. He says it feels like a video game controller.

The controller does require (4) AAA batteries which are not included

I’m sure there’s more information I’m forgetting but a lot of it is in the video. Like I said this is stashed away until Christmas but if after that anything else turns up I will update this review.

So far I know our daughter will be thrilled to have her own quadcopter until her dad takes it for his own. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=DBPOWER Hawkeye Quadcopter ]


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