Why we returned our “Sharp” TV

Somehow I completely forgot to post this review. I use the term review loosely because we really only had this [amazon text=Sharp TV&asin=B0784FPJLQ] for a couple of days before deciding to return it.

We bought this TV as a Christmas gift to ourselves, something we never do, we don’t splurge on things for ourselves typically. We bought the [amazon text=TV&asin=B0784FPJLQ] from Sam’s Club on a Friday and returned it on a Tuesday. At first we were thrilled, we even bought a wall mount for it and installed it. Little did we know that our excitement would be short lived.

We got rid of cable over a year ago (best decision we made in a long time) and we use Hulu a lot so we definitely need it on our TV. Imagine our surprise when we realized there was no way to get Hulu on this TV. Our next issue is that when we went to the Sharp website to register TV we couldn’t find the model number for this TV. We didn’t think much about this at first and decided we would wait until they were open on Monday to call and register it.

My husband called Sharp on Monday to ask about Hulu and registering the product and that is when we learned that this is not actually a Sharp TV, it is a Hisense TV. After a little research we found out that Hisense bought Sharp or something like that and started putting the Sharp label on their TVs. Keep in mind that it looks like Sharp does still make TVs under their name so you have to check the model number when you’re looking. Some people might not care but part of the reason that we wanted a Sharp Aquos is because we had one for 13 years that is still working fine- we just decided to get a new TV because our old one was small. So now, not only did we not have the TV from the company that we thought we were getting it from, we also had no way to watch Hulu without adding [amazon text=Apple TV&asin=B075NCMLYL] or a similar device.

I called Sam’s club to make sure we wouldn’t have any issues returning the TV and I spoke to someone in their tech department, before I even finished saying why we wanted to return it he said he knew that it was a Hisense TV. Apparently he had told people there that they should change the signage to say something like Sharp TV by Hisense but no one ever did.

All this being said, if you are looking for a TV and you don’t care this is one of the less expensive options available and the actual design of the TV is really cool and that is pretty much all the nice things I have to say about it. We ended up getting an [amazon text=LG TV&asin=B079V24YQY] which is WAAAAYYY better, was not much more expensive, has Hulu and other streaming services and the display from the side is MUCH better. I don’t typically slam products like this but I wanted to let anyone know who might be in the market for a new TV, buyer be ware.

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