SymbolLife Hair Straightener Brush

I have to admit that I did not have high hopes for this SymbolLife Hair Straightener Brush, I’m use to the typical flat iron and I couldn’t see how this would be much better but I’m beginning to see why people are going nuts over these brush straighteners.

I will say that my biggest complaint with this [amazon text=straightener&asin=B016CVUERO] is that the user’s manual has no English in it so it was not helpful to me at all. That being said it is basically a flat iron so there’s not a ton to figure out. This is comfortable to use, the cord is nice and long and rotates 360 degrees so you don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangled.

There is a power button and once the [amazon text=straightener&asin=B016CVUERO]is plugged in the lights on the front begin to blink. I set my timer and it took approximately 3 minutes for 4 lights to light up but I’m not quite sure what temperature that is because the straightener temperature starts at 130 and goes to 200 but there are 6 lights so the math is not instantly obvious. Whatever temperature that is it seemed to do the job for me.

I will admit that I have fairly straight hair and for some reason today my daughter’s hair was quite straight but it was the best I could do demonstrate. You can feel little to no heat coming off of the brush, it is the same as putting your hand in front of an electric heater, just enough to feel it but not hurt you. I tried this out on myself quickly first because I figured that was nicer than just throwing it on my daughter. I have chin length hair and I have a lot of hair and I was able to use this to easily do a quick flip on the bottom of my hair. As I mentioned before my daughter has straight hair but there is always a slight wave to it, this easily made it bone straight and helped minimize the frizz that she gets. I even had her try it herself and she said it was easy which is nice because she never does her hair herself. It seemed that it was easier to do a flip or an under curl with my hair than hers because her hair is very fine and mine is not.

Overall this was easy to use on our straight hair to style it and make it even straighter. I am not sure how well this would work on curly hair and I don’t know anyone who I can test it on but I could see where it might be cumbersome. It is the equivalent to using a standard comb, but using the teeth that are wider apart so if can comb your hair with a standard comb I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t do it with this. The person I think is going to benefit the most from this is moms and preteens. Moms can straighten their kid’s hair without worrying about hurting them and “tweenagers” can do their own hair without worrying about getting burnt. I will admit that the ease of use of this product was very nice.

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  1. Chastity says:

    I have the Karmin hair straightener brush and I am so happy, it is good for a quick light straighten 🙂

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