Bfun 3D Wood Dinosaur Puzzle

I loved putting this Dinosaur Puzzle together way more than I thought I would.

My son is 4 and like most little boys he is obsessed with dinosaurs, he can name a ton of them and corrects us if we don’t pronounce them correctly so when I saw this I knew he would love it. I was a little nervous because I’ve done metal dinosaur models before and they always end up with me continuing for hours after my son has lost patience and me cursing more than a mom should. Not the case with this [amazon text=puzzle&asin=B017SVGYIA] at all, everything went smoothly, it took just the right amount of time where no one lost interest and Anakin (my son) was able to do a lot of it himself.

This is packaged very well and the instructions were easy to follow, we didn’t have any issues at all. The wood that this made out of has almost a silky finish to it and it is easy to work with. The pieces come in sheets that you have to pop out. I recommend if your little one is younger than 4 you might want stay right with them and help them or only let them do the bigger pieces. Anakin did break one when he was popping it out but we put a dab of glue on it and it was fine. They do come out easily but he got a little overzealous. Once the pieces are out there are 2 squares of sandpaper included to get rid on any splinters of wood but there weren’t many on ours.

Once you have the pieces popped out it doesn’t take that long to put the [amazon text=puzzle&asin=B017SVGYIA]¬†together, I think it maybe took us 20 minutes and that was because we tried to have Anakin take the lead as much as possible. Everything went together smoothly and all the pieces were there and there are even little notches in the wood that lock the pieces together (I point this out in my video review). When we had it all put together my husband and I both commented on how stable it was, it’s quite strong for being made of such thin wood.

We admittedly have not painted ours yet. Anakin wants his Grandpa to help him (he calls him Grandpa T-Rex) and he lives a ways away. However, even if you don’t paint this it looks really cool. Speaking of painting I like the fact that even though it only comes with 4 colors it tells you on the front how to mix colors to make other colors, something that as adults seems obvious to us but it a great learning tool for little ones. This whole experience presented lots of opportunities for learning and fun and that is very important especially for my little dino loving guy. If you don’t have a dino fan in your house don’t worry because there are other puzzle options available including an [amazon text=elephant&asin=B017SVH8JO], [amazon text=peacock&asin=B017SVGTHG], [amazon text=spider&asin=B017SVH07E], [amazon text=butterfly&asin=B017SVGZFC], [amazon text=squirrel&asin=B017SVHABA], [amazon text=airplane&asin=B017SVH2YA], [amazon text=motorcycle&asin=B017SVH542], [amazon text=car&asin=B017SVGV2Y] and more.¬†

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