Phoenixnet Magnet Building Block Set

[star rating=”3.5″]

Very nice educational toy but you need at least a couple of sets to build really cool stuff and keep your kids busy. 

This is not the first time I’ve reviewed a magnet building block toy set and maybe it won’t be the last because my kids love to play with these. Since we now have quite a few magnet pieces to build from my kids can make some pretty impressive things but be aware if that is what you are hoping your kids are going to do they are going to need more than one of this set. 

I’m going to start with the packaging because I like the fact that this has a handle and if you are lucky enough to have a kid that actually puts things back in the box this box can be reused at least for a little while. I do have another set from a different company that is no longer available and that one came with a storage case which is really nice to have but it was also more expensive. 

This is a [amazon text=20 piece set&asin=B01AG1PW0K] that includes some square and triangle magnet pieces and then some non-magnetic squares and cardboard numbers and letters that you can put into those squares and then put into the magnetic squared to essentially create a letter block or number block. This is a nice feature but I think my kids would have been happy with a couple more magnet pieces instead. 

You can not make a lot of things with 20 pieces so like I said above I would suggest getting more than one set or getting [amazon text=this set&asin=B01AG1PW0K] as to supplement a set you might already have. 

The magnets are quite strong and the instructions that are included are clear and easy to follow but as you can see in the video my 4 year old could build cubes and triangles for days and be happy. He turns them into little jails for his action figures. 🙂 

Overall, these [amazon text=magnet blocks&asin=B01AG1PW0K] are well made and both my 4 year old and my 11 year old love to build things with them but that is mostly because they have quite a few of them now. When my son gets all of his magnet blocks out he can literally play all day with them and be happy so they are worth the investment. I gave this the star rating that I did not because of the quality as these are well made and the instructions are great but because I think the price is high compared to what you get. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01AG1PW0K]


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