Kiserena Rainbow Loom Refill Kit


Admittedly my daughter doesn’t do the rainbow loom thing as much as she use to but that is to be understood, she’s getting older and busier. She does still do them occasionally, especially when we are camping and she’s bored. So, when it came to reviewing these I had to talk to her because she is my expert.

First, the case is awesome. Since we have had [amazon text=rainbow loom bands&asin=B015PADU60] pretty much since they first started we have had our fair share of brands, types and of course we had to buy a case when they first came out. The fact that these not only come with a case but they are already sorted by color was great. Not only that but my daughter thought this case was better than the one she got from the art supply store.

There are a huge variety of colors. My only disappointment is that there weren’t any white bands, I know that my daughter will use that color a lot and she always runs out of white and black first so I was surprised there was no white.

Yes, these are not as strong as the original bands but they are also not as expensive as the originals. These are comparable to any of the store brands or generic bands. Some bands are going to break when stretched but we haven’t found any yet that have but it is bound to happen, can’t think of a batch of bands she’s had yet that don’t.

The charms are cute and there is a nice variety. I wonder if they will slip off the bands easily, it would probably be best to hook them onto the S hooks but that is up to my little designer.

Speaking of S hooks, this kit comes with tons of them. This is a good thing because they are tiny and can easily get lost and you go through a lot of them.

The beads that are included are all pastel colored, it would have been nice to see some brighter colors similar to the band colors but at least there are a lot of beads included.

Overall, if you have someone who is just getting started making [amazon text=rainbow loom &asin=B015PADU60] items or someone who needs to supplement their existing bands this is a great value. Not only that but if you’re like us you use them for hair all the time and you always need a lot of different colors for that. 🙂

My daughter is having a sleepover soon so I’m sure I will hear if she has any issues with these but for now she seemed impressed and that’s what matters because mommy is a knitter, not a rainbow loomer so I have to take her word for it. 🙂

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