Jumphigh Pogo Stick


My kids have been bugging me for a pogo stick (like they don’t have enough stuff) and now they have one and they are thrilled. I’m sure that the excitement will eventually wear off but for now this [amazon text=pogo stick&asin=B0194R8L3M] has been a non-stop source of excitement for them.

My kids are 10 and 4, admittedly my 10 year old uses it much easier than the 4 year old but height wise it seems to suit them both.

When this arrives it is fully assembled all you have to do is open it, take the bubble wrap off and start bouncing which is exactly what my kids did.

The handles on this are padded as is the bar all the way down to where you put your feet. Mine did come with a black mark on the top of the green foam and the top seemed almost scuffed up so that was a little disappointing but my kids didn’t notice and they will do worse to it very soon. However, if I were getting this as a gift I would not be happy if it arrived like that.

This [amazon text=pogo stick&asin=B0194R8L3M] comes in 3 different colors (green, red and blue) and in this same listing on amazon the seller also offers pads. It may be the mom in me but if you don’t already have pads and a helmet it might be a good idea to get them, especially for a pogo stick. My kids were only testing this out quickly or else my little guy definitely would have had all of his pads on.

This bounces great and my daughter said she made it to almost 50 bounces as one point before falling off of it. Time will tell how well it holds up between my kids and the rest of the kids on our street but for now 2 happy kids playing outside and not sitting around watching tv equals one happy mommy.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0194R8L3M]

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