Blueberry Pet Adjustable Dog Harness

I’ve had a couple of dogs that use a harness now and we recently got a new puppy so she needed a harness because she’s a russell mix so, she’s a tugger.

This [amazon text=harness&asin=B01C8I9VZG] by far is one of the best I’ve ever used.

There is padding almost everywhere that the [amazon text=harness&asin=B01C8I9VZG] touches your dog, especially in the front. I like how wide the front is as well, it sits exactly where I need it to on my puppy (her name is Atari). This is a one buckle harness as well which was a much for my husband; when they have more than one buckle he gets frustrated and snippy. I on the other hand hate any harness that requires you to put your dogs front paws in it, puppies are squirmy and they have no interest in that sort of thing and this harness requires no leg insertion.

On top of all of that this is very well made, there is double reinforced stitching anywhere that is required. The loop to hook the leash on to is solid and very strong as is the buckle. Also, there is reflective material all over this harness which is great for when you are walking your dog at night, sometimes those little guys are hard to see otherwise. We used this over the weekend while camping and Atari was hooked up a to a tie out and she didn’t get out of it at all despite what seemed to be her best effort at times. While using it for a walk it worked great.


For the quality of thisĀ [amazon text=harness&asin=B01C8I9VZG] you would think it would cost a lot more than the ones at the local pet store but it was actually about $8 less!

Like I said I got this for my puppy, based on the measurements in the listing it fit her perfectly (I got a medium) and it is currently on the tightest setting so she has room to grow which is good because I don’t want to have to get another harness, this one is perfect for everyone involved. Hopefully my video review is helpful so that you can at least see how big Atari is and how to put this on.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01C8I9VZG]

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