Chloe’s Dog Treats By Best Bully Sticks

I am currently on my last bag of these Chloe’s Dog Treats and my dogs love them.

This is not the first [amazon text=snacks&asin=B01HM1U4YG] from Best Bully Sticks my dogs have tried but this is the first [amazon text=Chloe’s&asin=B01HM1U4YG] one so I wasn’t sure if they would like it or not, well I knew my dog Atari would because she is a pig, but I wasn’t sure about my big dog Sookie because she can be picky.

These are a very crunchy and thin [amazon text=treat&asin=B01HM1U4YG] and they are all star shaped. These are all natural and made in the USA which I like. My dogs have not had any digestive issues while eating them and they are not a stinky [amazon text=treat&asin=B01HM1U4YG] which I like.

I appreciate that these come in 3 separate bags because it made it more convenient for us, we had a couple of camping trips in a row and I just left a bag in the camper and kept the rest in the house. The other nice thing about this is that because they are preservative free they can go bad and it is a lot quicker to get through a small bag of treats than a large one (obviously).

I’m not sure what else to say about these, my dogs like them as you will see in my video review, Sookie didn’t even sit for hers which is unusual, she is a very mellow dog typically but she wanted her treat when I was filming. 🙂 Atari (AKA piggy) always wants food, or shoes, or money, or bread ties, or toys or whatever she can get her mouth around that isn’t one of the millions of dog toys laying around so she is always excited when treats are presented. 🙂

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