Nicetage Teddy Bear Cosplay Hoodie

I got this teddy bear hoodie for my daughter and if she were to review it she would say she loves it but since I’m the mom I get the final say.

Really the main reason this is a like and not a love for me is the material. Although this is cute and soft now I know that it will matte and pill rather quickly after a few washes and since this is for a kid I know it will get washed a lot. Also, I’m not a fan of the aqua polk-a-dot fabric on the inside of the hood, it clashes, but that is more of a personal opinion but since I was a designer for years it is a legit opinion. 🙂

Otherwise this [amazon text=hoodie&asin=B01CV6WY5E] is adorable. I love how padded the ears are and the nose as well, this gives it a nice 3-d effect. I’m guessing this means it will take longer to dry so be aware of that. I’m actually going to wash it either today or tomorrow but I will be line drying it so I won’t be able to comment on whether this shrinks or not at this time. The zipper on this works great, it is nice and smooth and hopefully it says that way because it is a plastic zipper. The colors used on the outside of the hoodie are nice, I like how the yellow contrasts with the brown.

I think this fits my daughter very well. She typically wears an XS-S women’s or a girls XL and this is nice and roomy without being overly baggy (we got a size Small). I would say this is pretty true to US sizes at least in the smaller sizes.

This [amazon text=hoodie&asin=B01CV6WY5E] is made of a lightweight material but my daughter says it is really warm. It is similar to a pajama material which is probably why my daughter keeps saying she wishes it was available in pajamas as well. 🙂

Don’t like teddy bears? No problem, this comes in other styles as well including, [amazon text=a black kitty cat&asin=B01CV6X48U], [amazon text=stitch&asin=B01CV6WSP0] from Lilo and Stitch, [amazon text=a dragon&asin=B01CV6X16K], [amazon text=a blue owl&asin=B01CV6WW1K], [amazon text=a panda bear&asin=B01CV6WQUC] and of course [amazon text=pikachu &asin=B01CV6X6FG]. 🙂 

To summarize: Super cute, lightweight, good fit, inside hood material clashes but is at least comfortable, zips easily, warm. It is a fun and adorable [amazon text=hoodie&asin=B01CV6WY5E].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01CV6WY5E]

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