Smartspeed Suction Cup Cat Window Seat

I had my doubts about this [amazon text=cat window seat &asin=B01149QVWQ], I really did, I mean they’re suction cups and I’m trusting them to hold my cat, but so far so good.

My 16 year old cat recently passed away and I was heartbroken and two days before this arrived (I was going to get it for my neighbor for her new cat) my husband surprised me with a kitten that we have named Helvetica. My old cat would have stayed in this window seat all day but this little kitten doesn’t sit still for more than 2 seconds. That being said she has gotten into this a few times without issue; it has not slipped at all and we’ve even moved it 3 times now trying to find the perfect window for her.

I would suggest if you like to pamper your pet get a softer material cushion for it. The fabric on this feels sort of like a waterproof canvas which is great for cleaning and durability but it certainly isn’t something I would want to hang out on for a long period of time but, then again last time I checked I’m not a cat.

I’m interested to see how well this works in the winter when my old windows get condensation on them but that is still a couple months away. If I find that the suction cups begin to slip for any reason I will update this review but for now my new little kitten has a pretty awesome hang out spot.

Update: I’ve had this up for a little while now and it has held up great and my cat is in it non-stop! I had a friend ask me if it would hold full grown cats so I put (2) 7.5lb weights in it and it didn’t budge. I’m still shocked it works as well as it does. 

Cat In Suction Cup Cat Bed Weights in Suction Cup Cat Bed

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