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I first heard about [amazon text=pet fountains&asin=B00YDFMQ8M]ย when I was at the vet’s office one day. I have been a cat owner for years and my 16 year old cat recently passed away so when my husband surprised me with a kitten for my birthday I wanted to make sure I kept her as healthy as I could so she would have a nice long life. Part of that is owning a [amazon text=pet fountains&asin=B00YDFMQ8M].

I had heard that your cat will be drawn more to the fountain and be more apt to drink from it because they can see it better, they like the falling water, etc. It is important for your pets to stay hydrated and just like humans they are more likely to do that if their water is fresh. Think about it, would you rather drink fresh from the water cooler water or water that has just been sitting in a glass for who knows how long. Also, because this circulates the water you don’t have to fill the water bowl as often which is nice if you’re busy like most people are.

This was fairly easy to set up; it includes step by step instructions with pictures. Basically you take the top of the unit and flip it upside down, put the pump in and then turn the support bar so that the pump stays put. Next you take the filter (which is included and there are two extra filter pads included as well) and you rinse it off with tap water then slide it in its slot. You put the top on and fill it with water and plug it in with the cord that is included (the cord is quite long).

The only thing that was a little confusing to me was the words for the min/max water lines are on the inside bottom of the bowl but the actual lines are on the side so that took me a minute. Otherwise setup for this is pretty cut and dry.

This is incredibly quiet. I took a video of it because as soon as we filled it up and put it on the floor our new kitten, Helvetica, (she’s 4 months) came running right over to it to check it out and was drinking from it at every possible angle; it was quite cute. I guess that this is so mesmerizing that even my 3 year old son decided he needed to drink from it when no one was looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall my kitten seems to really like this and it seems like she is indeed drinking more. My dogs on the other hand couldn’t care less they still seem to drink the same amount but they’re older and stubborn. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re wondering how big this is it is approximately: 11″ x 11″ the tallest part is 6″H but the bowl is 3″H. Those are by no means exact measurements because it was hard to measure this since it is currently full of water.

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