VVFamily Leather Unisex Sandals

UPDATE: It looks like (at this current time) these are no longer available at least on Amazon. πŸ™

I really liked these sandals and say liked instead of like because unfortunately my puppy liked them too and thought they tasted wonderful. πŸ™

I did get to wear these [amazon text=shoes&asin=B01KJLVJCC]Β for about 2 weeks before Atari, my puppy, used them as a midnight snack and I thought they were very comfortable right out of the box. I am an avid real [amazon text=birkenstock&asin=B002LZUS40] wearer, to the point where my regular birkenstocks were starting to look like the ones my dog ate so I needed a new pair but I did not have the money for them. The opportunity to get these came along and I thought that they were a good solution and they were until their premature demise.

I asked the seller if they minded if I still did a video review of my chewed [amazon text=shoes&asin=B01KJLVJCC] because I still thought it would be useful and they agreed that if nothing else it would make for an interesting review, if nothing else you can see what the inside of them look like. I compared these to my existing [amazon text=birkenstocks&asin=B002LZUS40] and they are made very similarly. They main difference that I noticed is that my real [amazon text=birkenstocks&asin=B002LZUS40] are just leather uppers but these ones seem to have a sort of felt backing on the leather and I wonder if that will hold up as well especially in the long run.

I really liked how these felt on my feet. I don’t think they have good arch support out of the box but that is not really something that concerns me and if they’re like real birkenstocks that can change as they are worn in to match your foot.

The buckles on these are easy to adjust and I only had to adjust the bottom strap a little for them to be comfortable on me. I got a size 40 EU which is pretty much equivalent to a women’s 9.5 in US sizing.

Overall, I thought these were a great [amazon text=shoe&asin=B01KJLVJCC] and I will still wear them around the house taking the dogs out and going into the basement because there is still some shoe left to them, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am now making sure that all my shoes are put away whenever my dog is alone. πŸ™‚

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01KJLVJCC]


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