Qianse Rose Gold Mom Necklace


I love that this necklace is both rose gold and silver. Rose gold is a beautiful finish no matter what it is on and I like that [amazon text=this necklace&asin=B015XJHQ36] combines both rose gold and silver. I also really like the design of [amazon text=this necklace&asin=B015XJHQ36], the rings and they way they are strung make it so that when you are leaning forward or they are not right against you they turn a little but when they lay against you they are flat and sit perfectly inside each other with a crystal in the middle is really a nice design.

All that being said there are a couple of things to take note of. The rose gold on this was a little closer to a gold than a rose gold to me, at least compare to other rose gold items I own. Also, when this arrived it was tangled and took a little bit of time for me to untangle; this was not a huge deal to me because I find untangling things relaxing but I know most people don’t. Be aware that this specifically has engravings for a mother so if you are not planning on giving this to your mother or having your kids give it to their mother or giving it someone who is going to be a mother that would be an awkward situation. May I just add if you are planning on giving this to someone who is going to be a mother kudos to you, speaking from experience it is a wonderful thing when you’re pregnant to get something to remind you of what is yet to come.

All that being said this would make a very lovely Mother’s Day gift or Christmas Gift or just an unexpected Thanks-Mom-You’re-The-Best gift (those gifts are the best ones). I have including more detailed information about [amazon text=this necklace&asin=B015XJHQ36]┬áin the video part of this review but hopefully this helps a little.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B015XJHQ36]

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