Niceshop Wood Bamboo Watch


This bamboo watch is really unique. I love bamboo, I was a designer before becoming a stay at home mom and one of my favorite materials for floors and cabinets was bamboo and who knew it would also make such a cool watch.

The very first thing I noticed about this [amazon text=wooden watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] (other than the size of this) is how lightweight it is. This is a very large [amazon text=watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] (dimensions are included on my video review) and yet you can barely tell that you’re wearing it. The beauty of this [amazon text=watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] lies in its simplicity, there are no numbers and it is monochromatic which allows it to appeal to a variety of people.

The leather on this band is quite thin and comfortable. I don’t know if over time that is going to be an issue and if it will break easily but for now it is a great feature because just like the rest of the [amazon text=watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] you can barely tell that it is on.

I also think it is really great that the back of this is wooden as well. I’m not a big fan of metal on my wrist, I don’t know why but it kind of bothers me and the warmth of this wood on the back is refreshing.

My only complaint is that the [amazon text=watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] arrived running which means I lost a little bit of extra battery life, other than this this watch is fantastic, it keeps great time and would make a great gift for a man or a woman. I personally think this would make a great father’s day gift but because I am a fan of big watches I certainly wouldn’t have minded getting it for mother’s day if I didn’t already have it. 🙂

Very cool [amazon text=watch&asin=B017U3QCPG] that I’m sure will be a conversation piece whenever you wear it.

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