ESYLIFE Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer

I wanted to get these cabinet organizers because we camp most of the summer which means that our cabinets are always full of stuff but by the middle of our trips everything is a mess and unorganized despite the fact that I clean it regularly. I thought that these would be a great way to make things work better and become more organized and I was right (as usual). 🙂

These [amazon text=organizers&asin=B01HAVO4SK] are very solid and heavier than I had anticipated. There are clear rubber grippers on the bottoms of the legs that keep it from sliding which is always a good thing in a camper. I like that the top is perforated mostly because it will allow us to find an easy solution to install something to keep things from sliding around when we are on the road.

I was able to easily put these in both my bathroom cabinet and my kitchen cabinet of our Keystone Outback camper.

In the bathroom I was able to use the loop on the bottom to hold my flat iron and curling iron so if you have a cabinet in our home bathroom this would be a good solution if you have a problem with storing these devices too.

In the kitchen cabinet I was worried after I added my plastic wrap and aluminum foil that the cabinet wouldn’t close because they stick out pretty far but it was fine. My only complaint is that in order to add items to this looped section the rack has to sit away from the back wall a little and this provides an opportunity for things to slip down behind it. If they added a small lip to the top of the back so it was just a little bit bigger that would make this a pretty perfect product.

I am thrilled that because of these [amazon text=organizers&asin=B01HAVO4SK] I can now see all the items in my cabinet at a glance and that I’m not worried at all that these shelves won’t hold my items because they seem very well made.

Hooray for organization!

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