[email protected] Convertible Kitty Cat Cave and Bed

I have a very spoiled kitty named Helvetica (Helvi for short) and she is spoiled because she was a gift from my husband after my 16 year old cat passed away so she is a very lucky cat.

Two things that I didn’t have for Helvetica yet was a [amazon text=cat bed&asin=B018XBDM9S] and a [amazon text=kitty cave&asin=B018XBDM9S], well now she has both in one product! We also recently got a puppy (you’ll see her in my video review, her name is Atari) and Helvetica and Atari have become good friends but there are times when Helvi needs a break and this is perfect for her, it is low to the ground and easy for her to get into but the dog can’t really get to her so it’s easy for her to mock the dog from in there, something cats love to do.

I no sooner than got these [amazon text=beds&asin=B018XBDM9S] out of the box and Helvi went right into them, I’ve never seen her take to something so quickly before. I was so shocked that I immediately filmed my review. In case you’re wondering it didn’t stop there, she has been in them every day since. I have one popped up for a cave and one pushed down for a bed and she will go right from one to the other. I’ve also found this is a great way to give her catnip without her making a huge mess, I throw it in the cave and she goes in there and has a little kitty party.

I will say that these are not going to be for everyone. I gave one to my neighbor to test for her cat and he wanted nothing to do with it not even when we added catnip. To be fair I have had 4 cats in my life and her cat is like no other cat I have ever seen, he does not like confined spaces he wants to be out in the open where everyone can see him.

Not only are these functional and completely loved by my kitty they are very well made and attention to detail was made right down to the contrasting stitching. These [amazon text=beds&asin=B018XBDM9S] are also a modern shape, I really hate when cat furniture is made to look cutesy, honestly my cat doesn’t care what it looks like and it’s going in my house so I want it to look like something I would want in my home and these work great in our space.

In case you’re wondering size these are 19″L x 15″W. When in a bed they are 7″H and when popped up they are 14″H

I think these are great, my cat thinks they are great, my neighbor’s cat not so much but like I said he’s special. Plus there are 3 in the package so if you have multiple cats and/or are in a home with multiple floors your cat(s) will be happy no matter what, that is unless they’re my neighbor’s cat. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018XBDM9S]

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