EVIDECO Hair Dryer Holder


I have needed one of these [amazon text=hair dryer holders&asin=B00S6RJIKC]forever. It annoys me when I finally get my hair done after drying it forever and I’m in a hurry and then I have to wrap the cord around the dryer after making sure it is cooled off (which I’m pretty sure isn’t good for it) and then find the space in my cabinet to fit my hair dryer; I usually just leave it on the chair in the bathroom until I have more time just to turn around and drag the hair dryer out again when I need it not 24 hours later.

I am so happy that I no longer have to do that. My hairdryer is now nicely stored outside of our cabinet, easy to reach and easy to put back. You could also install this [amazon text=holder&asin=B00S6RJIKC] in your cabinet if you wanted so that it isn’t out for the world to see but I’ve always been a proponent of not caring what my everyday things look like when they’re easily accessible.

My husband actually installed this for me; I usually install things like this but I had been busy and I think he wanted this up as much as I did as the hair dryer sitting on the chair is an annoyance for him. It was very easy to install and all the hardware was included; he had it all done in about 1 minute, it might have taken me 2. Once installed it worked perfectly. The ring around the bottom measures roughly 3.5″ across and the total height on this is approximately 5″.

I am very pleased with this, it is solid and holds not only my dryer but also its cord and I can fold it up out of the way if I need to. Great product.


By the way, if you’re wondering if that is a spider in the shot it is; I took him outside as soon as I watched this video and saw him. 🙂 

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