Songmics Square Modern Metal Umbrella Stand


This is one of the coolest umbrella stands I have ever seen, not that I’m constantly looking at umbrella stands or anything but, in general I love the look of this product.

The pattern of the metal on this stand is fascinating. You would think with all of those cut outs that the metal would be weak in spots but it is not, this is a very solid stand.

This [amazon text=umbrella stand&asin=B017VLT5QK] is 19″ high and 6″ square. As you will see in my video review this easily held not only my small fold up umbrella, but my kids’ animal umbrella with ears as well as our giant golf umbrella and there is room for more.

Because this is such solid metal even when putting in the tall golf umbrella(s) (I currently have more than one in there) there is no chance this is tipping over unless it is pushed.

There was a time in my life that I would have thought that having an [amazon text=umbrella stand&asin=B017VLT5QK] was not a necessity but then I got my hardwood floors refinished and the thought of water on them makes me shudder. Add to the fact that there is never just one umbrella in the house there are multiple and whenever I need one I can never seem to find one because there was never a definitive place to put them, well now I have one; whether or not my kids actually use it is another issue altogether.

There is a piece of plastic in the bottom of this to help contain the water, at first I thought it was just for shipping reasons but now I see the benefit of it. I was confused at first about the little hooks that are included (there are 2 of them) but then I realized they were for my travel umbrellas.

I am very pleased and impressed with this [amazon text=umbrella stand&asin=B017VLT5QK]. It is subtle in color (it’s matte black) so it will suit any decor yet will add a nice decorative touch to any entry or mudroom or wherever you want to keep this.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B017VLT5QK]

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