JZ Eyewear Bamboo Sunglasses

I did a video review for these after only quickly opening them to make sure they weren’t damaged and you will hear me in the review in disbelief that these are [amazon text=wooden sunglasses&asin=B016GFNVSU], it’s hard to believe, these are soooo cool and they’re super light weight.

These come in a nice hard case and they also come with a pretty large microfiber cleaning cloth. When I opened up the case I was super impressed with these right off the bat. I got these [amazon text=sunglasses &asin=B016GFNVSU] for my daughter for Christmas because she is always trying to steal my glasses and I’m hoping because these are made of wood they will last her a while and she won’t break them.

I tried these on to see how well they fit and they are very comfortable, they actually fit me perfectly. Also, because they are so light weight I couldn’t barely tell they were on. The lenses on these are not polarized but they are nice and dark.

Overall, just the fact that these are wood makes them cool but even if they weren’t they’re a very nice pair of [amazon text=sunglasses &asin=B016GFNVSU]. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she won’t like them and I’ll get to keep them. 🙂

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