Amcrest Outdoor Security Camera

My husband wanted this security camera to add to an existing camera we have in the front of our house. Luckily both cameras use the same app so we are able to view both from one device/app.

When we first got this my husband was disappointed because he didn’t think he had all of the information needed to install it but he had no issues putting it up and has been really impressed with it ever since.

The first thing you need to do when you get this is connect it to your wifi. We did this with the supplied ethernet cable hooked up to our computer. I was hoping to film my husband doing this but I was under the weather and he did it without me but said that is was very easy to do and he didn’t have any issues (we have a MAC). There is a QR code included to download the app needed to view this from your phone (amcrest view pro is the name of the app). He has the app on his Iphone, I honestly have not bothered to download it on my phone because I am usually home and can see things in person.

This [amazon text=security camera &asin=B01I01QLTE] does come with free cloud storage but it doesn’t store the footage for very long so it is a good idea to get an [amazon text=NVR&asin=B00X4UDCYE] if you want to keep the footage for a longer period of time.

The file format this comes in a .dav file which does not open in most video players so my husband was able to convert them through a different program that he downloaded but no matter what I did I couldn’t add them to my video review so I apologize for that but I was able to add screenshots from the app so that you can see how clear the images are.

This is a heavy duty [amazon text=camera &asin=B01I01QLTE] and made to withstand different weather situations. My husband explains a lot of this in the video part of my review. You can not move this around with an app, you can only move this manually so you want to make sure you have it where you want it when you set it up. The power code for this is pretty long at approximately 10′ but you’re going to want to keep that in mind when installing this as well.

With this installed we are able to see all the way down our driveway (over 40 feet) and most of back yard (over 30 feet) and the quality is quite impressive.

You can also get email alerts to let you know when motion is detected so my husband always knows when someone has been at the house and how long they were there (I know too but that is because I’m usually at home :-D) but this is a nice feature especially when we are away from home.

This is a very impressive [amazon text=security camera &asin=B01I01QLTE] that is nice and clear day and night and has had no issues through a couple of storms now. If we have any issues in the future I will update my review but for now we’re impressed.

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