Tru Dew Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier


I was impressed with this diffuser from the moment I received it. As an interior designer turned stay at home mom I thought my favorite thing about this would be how it looks. I love how it looks but there is so much more to it than that so it is hard for me to say what I like best about it.

I’d do a pros and cons list but I don’t have any cons yet so here are the pros:

*The design and look of this are fantastic

*The heights can very and change the direction of the mist. Without any attachments the mist is wider and the unit measures 11″H. With the smaller attachment you can change the direction of the mist and point it towards your bed or where you are sitting and then the unit measures 13″H. The tallest attachment makes the mist more narrow and when added the unit measures 18″H

  • Filling the unit is easy
  • Applying the water unit to the base is easy
  • It starts working immediately
  • The mist is cool so you don’t have to worry about little hands because they will touch it. My 3 year old thinks it’s a volcano. 🙂
  • There are different levels of mist
  • There is a timer but it does automatically turn off when it runs out of water
  • It is easy to add essential oils to it.

I’m sure there are more things to add to this list but that is a good start. The packaging and set up are shown in my video. I can not wait to get some essential oils to add to this to help with my allergies.

This is a fantastic, easy to use product that is beautifully designed. I’m incredibly impressed.

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