Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen


According to my husband this thing isn’t easy to use. According to my 10 year old daughter it is easy to use and she made a tent with it. I’d believe the 10 year old over my husband. 🙂

First the instructions for this are super simple and straightforward which is nice. It comes with 3 different colors of wire which are approximately 10′ each. It also comes with the power cord and this is my main complaint with this product; I would have liked to have seen the power cord longer, it is approximately 2′ long and if your outlet is in the standard position on your wall by the time the cord reaches the table there’s not a lot of room left to maneuver. This was also slightly awkward for my left handed daughter but really, what isn’t awkward for the poor girl.

There are a few tricks you will need to master to use this [amazon text=3D pen&asin=B00Q9UURRQ] correctly. We determined that it was easier to do vertical elements when you slow down the speed and allow the vertical line a little time to cool off and harden before releasing it.

Overall, this is a fun thing to try. I don’t see my family creating any masterpieces with it any time soon but my daughter made a tent/spider and I thought it was super cool and she had a lot of fun. I really think this would make a great present for someone, especially at Christmas.

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[amazon asin=B00Q9UURRQ&template=iframe image]

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