MAIBU Kids Frog Swimming Goggles

I have a 4 year old son who LOVES being in the water. I recently took him swimming with older kids and he had to have goggles because they did and we had to borrow a set so when I saw these I knew he would really like them.

First, of course these are super cute [amazon text=swim goggles&asin=B01FVENQBY] and they look adorable on my little guy. They are certainly tight there is no chance of water getting in there. I loosened them up a bit more since doing my video review because even then they were a little too tight on him. I do worry that the little plastic pieces that hold the band when you tighten them will break easily but time will tell.

The band is very stay put, these aren’t going anywhere once they are on, there are even little bumps on the inside where it sits against the head to keep it in place. The frogs at the top of soft and flexible, the nose piece is harder but still flexible. As an added bonus this set also includes a nose plug and I actually received two ear plugs. Honestly I will probably not use the ear plugs, as someone who gets swimmers ear a lot I’ve found they can do more damage than good plus when they’re in my kid can’t hear me yelling at him when he’s in the pool.

These also include nice storage case to keep everything in. I don’t know if measurements are going to be helpful but the plastic part of the lenses are 1.5″W x 1.25″H.

If your child doesn’t like frogs don’t worry, these [amazon text=goggles&asin=B01FVENQBY] come in a variety of styles including, blue dolphin, green crocodile, blue frog, orange penguin, and pink penguin (the penguin ones are very cute). 

These are very cute and my little guy really likes them and they will make me smile every time I see him in them. Now it’s time to swim. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01FVENQBY]

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