Portable Camping Hammock


I admittedly did not get this hammock because it is portable, I got it to use on my kid’s playground/tree fort. All the neighbor kids come to our house to play and I thought it would be cool to add this [amazon text=hammock&asin=B01EXY5C9W]for them to hang out in and this one seemed like to would be nice and durable and withstand the weather and tree debris.

When this arrives it is in a little package because it wraps up in the attached pouch (it is attached to the edge of the [amazon text=hammock&asin=B01EXY5C9W]). There is a knot diagram on the outside of bag that is suppose to be helpful but my husband and I didn’t have any luck creating that knot and I’m a knitter so I can usually figure out stuff like that. In my video review (or my husband’s review rather since I had no voice) you will see our attempt but later I went on youtube and had better luck with my knot.

This [amazon text=hammock&asin=B01EXY5C9W] does seem very durable, large and lightweight. I had two kids test it and had no issues. This does include carabiners on each end that are already knotted onto the hammock (we did hand tighten these knots when it arrived because they were a little loose). There is also rope included to use around trees but I wish it had been about 6″ longer so it could wrap around slightly larger trees.  If you don’t like the orange color that I chose this hammock also comes in blue and gray. 

Otherwise this has held up through a storm already, I only intend to take it down in the winter so if we have any issues I will update my review but so far my kids and the neighbor kids are happy and have been hanging out in it and love it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01EXY5C9W]

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