Esrover Hoverboard Go Kart Attachment

I need to preface my Hoverboard Go Kart review for this by saying that like all things that look super fun require you to be careful. If you are not mindful of what you are doing you can get hurt, so please use this carefully and if you do you will have as much fun with it as my daughter does, also wear a helmet.

Onto my review: My daughter has been using her hoverboard pretty much non-stop since Christmas, she loves it and when I showed her this [amazon text=go kart attachment&asin=B01HYVEW0Q] she got super excited.

When this arrived my daughter actually put it together herself (she’s 11). There was a QR code that sent her to a site with instructions and she said it was super easy. I did help her screw in the seat and the adjustment bar but she did everything else herself.

To attach this to your hoverboard is easier than I anticipated, I show the basics of how to do it on my video review. They are Velcro straps that are easy to install and take off.

Make sure your hoverboard is off when you get on this, especially if you’re just adjusting the foot pedals. This does adjust quite a bit to accommodate various heights. Once on the handles work similar to a zero turn mower, move them forward and backward to stop and start, want to turn left push the left handle down, to turn right move the right handle. This makes it very easy to do donuts which, let’s face it are super fun.

My daughter said this was way easier to use than riding her hoverboard standing. Here is where this gets important, be careful. My daughter had been using this for a while and was having a ball and then got a little cocky and lifted one foot off of the foot bar while on a slight incline and the whole unit started going backwards. She could have easily stopped this if she had put both feet back on the bar but that is counterintuitive and she continued to go backwards out of control, she consequently wore a hole through her shirt and two layers of shorts but did not get hurt. Trust me this did not stop her from hopping right back on it and using it again but I was very grateful she was wearing her helmet. It would be nice if there was some sort of emergency brake if this were to happen again. Something to consider in the future. So that is my warning. My husband, the skateboarder, asked me if I thought it was dangerous and I told him no more dangerous than him riding his board or someone skiing. Lots of fun things are slightly dangerous that is why we take safety precautions. So please don’t take this information as a warning not to use this at all, my daughter would be very upset if I told her she couldn’t use this any more, just use some common sense is all.

As far as the actual [amazon text=kart&asin=B01HYVEW0Q] is concerned, it is very well made, easy to assemble, and my daughter loves the red color. You do have to screw and unscrew the leg bar to adjust for height so be aware of that. If you have a hoverboard and you’re looking for a fun alternative way to use it I have a feeling you will like this product as much as my daughter does. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01HYVEW0Q]

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