Jumphigh Kid’s Helmet and Pads Set

I don’t know if you’ve priced out helmets lately but they get pretty pricey and most of them don’t include pads and they certainly don’t include all the pads that this set provides.

I am by no means able to do extreme sports but my husband rides skateboards and my kids are following in his footsteps. I on the other hand am a constantly worried mom who wants to make sure that they are all protected, especially my little guy that for some reason insisted on my calling him ultimate Anakin in my video review. He is just learning how to ride a big boy bike (with training wheels) and insists on going down the hill on it with his older friends and each time he did with just a helmet (my kids always have to wear their helmets) I would cringe but now that he has [amazon text=this set&asin=B01A460XZQ] I feel like I can relax a little bit.

The [amazon text=helmet&asin=B01A460XZQ] that is included is the style that I prefer, I feel like it is more protective since it goes further down in the back. It is well padded and my little guy didn’t complain. I was impressed with how much the straps adjusted, I really wasn’t sure it was going to fit him because he’s only 4 (but built like a 5 year old) but sure enough it did.

The [amazon text=pads&asin=B01A460XZQ] were a little big in the straps as is, the velcro didn’t extend far enough for us to be able to tighten them around Anakin’s little arms and legs but when we criss-crossed them top to bottom they fit perfectly.

The [amazon text=wrist guards&asin=B01A460XZQ] were perfect for him but he has big hands for his age.

He got right on his bike and seemed even more sure of himself than before. I know that the listing says this set fits 3-12 year olds but just remember that depends on the size of your kid. If they are much smaller than Anakin you might find the pads to be a little hard to get tighten enough which means that they won’t work properly.

I did like that there are reflective spots in the pads to help my little guy stand out even more. I don’t anticipate him doing anything that requires them at night but you never know. We have light up scooters that the kids like to play on at dusk and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have reflective spots.

I know that some kids won’t be excited about [amazon text=this set&asin=B01A460XZQ] because there are no themes or characters but remind them that they can get stickers of whoever they want and add them to them and it will save you a ton of money especially since this set should last them even after they grow out of the phase of liking that character (they always do). Plus the set comes in either black or red so there are a lot of possibilities for being create and adding your kid’s own style. 

As a mom my biggest thing is, will my child keep these on or complain and not want to wear them? My son had no issues and kept everything on until he didn’t need it anymore.

I guess it’s time to break out the skateboard for ultimate Anakin! 🙂

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