Koraman Sports Spray Water Bottle

My daughter has been bugging me for one of these spray water bottles for a while now so now hopefully she’ll be happy since this arrived. I can see why she wanted one, she does gymnastics and it gets very hot in the building especially in the summer and the quick misting does help cool you down.

I will add that I’m very picky about my water bottles, I’ve gone through tons of them and know what I like and what I don’t like. This one is very close to something I would like for myself. Big things for me with [amazon text=water bottles &asin=B01GA3XQ1U] is how easily they are to drink out of, seems obvious right. This one is just an open spout, no straw that you have to suck through until you pass out and no valve at all. Also, the top to the spout is nowhere near it when you try to drink which I like. My only complaint is that the spout cover is a twist off so if you’re like me and you do Zumba you only have a quick time to get a drink before you’re back at it and having to do a twist off can be a pain.

As for the spritzer part, that works great! It spritzes the perfect amount of water so that you don’t get overly saturated. The button is nice and big so it is easy to use and my daughter (as you will see in my video review) is amazed with it. It certainly does cool you off when you’re hot.

This [amazon text=spray water bottle &asin=B01GA3XQ1U]¬†holds 600 ml of water which is roughly 20 ounces, I personally like a larger water bottle because I drink a lot of water. It is a plastic material and I love the green color but this also comes in [amazon text=blue&asin=B01GA3XQ4M]. My daughter is happy and it will come in handy not only for gymnastics but when we’re hiking or any time it is hot. Exactly what she needed.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01GA3XQ1U]

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