Rukket Grasshopper Soccer Goals

I have to preface this review with saying that we are not a soccer family, my kids don’t play soccer; my daughter is a gymnast and my son would rather ride his bike. That being said we have a neighborhood of kids that all hang out together, they go to each other’s houses and they end up at mine a lot so I like to have a variety of things for them to do and now they can play little games of soccer along with everything else.

These are small [amazon text=goals&asin=B00HU77SKQ] and a perfect for backyard games. The other thing these are great for is on the go games. We camp a lot and because these fold down so much we could easily take these with us camping if we wanted to. If the kids want to play soccer but they want to play at a neighbor’s house they can fold them up and put them in the bag and carry them where they want. I don’t believe these are going to be something you would want if you really play soccer unless you’re working on your aim maybe, these are more meant for little kids. They are the upgrade of when I was a kid and we would make goals out of hula hoops or a box.

These [amazon text=goals&asin=B00HU77SKQ]¬†are very easy to set up. They come folded up in a bag and when you unhook the strap they pop up. There is a small hook that you undo and then you take the black ovals on the sides and buckle them in with two buckles to make the net stable and that’s it. There are metal stakes that you can install to keep them in place but I pretty much just threw them in the backyard and the kids had fun.

This is a nice addition to the other things that my kids can play with and who knows maybe my kids will want to play soccer someday and this will get them a leg up. They seem well made for what they are, my 11 year old put them together and when they’re not using them they only take up 1′ of space which is always a good thing. On top of that my kids are outside playing rather than hanging out in the living room all summer watching TV. They played with them when I was reviewing it longer than I expected considering it was over 90 out and they had smiles on their faces the whole time and that is what is important.

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