Rukket Baseball/Softball Practice Net

I will admit that we only play T-ball in our home so far because my daughter is a gymnast and my son is only 4 but we do have the neighborhood kids over all the time and we like to have a variety of things for them to use while they’re here and this net will be one more thing for them all to enjoy.

When this [amazon text=net&asin=B01GK4MDPO] arrived and I saw all the parts I thought it might take a little while to put together but it maybe took 10 minutes and that is because we put the net on upside down the first time. 🙂 The assembly instructions come in both English and Spanish and include photos. All of the metal pieces are attached with those push button attachments so that they are strong while in use but easy to take apart when being stored. The strike zone is easily adjustable if needed. There are three balls included that I think were my kids’ favorite part.

This [amazon text=set&asin=B01GK4MDPO] includes (4) stakes so you can make sure it doesn’t fly away and it certainly solid, it just made it though its first serious thunderstorm with high winds yesterday without any issues. When winter hits and we have to take this down we can store it in the included storage bag and put it in the garage. This [amazon text=net&asin=B01GK4MDPO] is quite large so make sure you have the space in your yard for it. This is going to be great for when my kids get older, they will be able to practice different aspects of baseball, softball and even soccer and the other great thing as a mom who mows the yard, they can throw all their balls in the net when not in use. 🙂

Don’t forget when you purchase this to fill out the form that will be emailed to you shortly after, this registers you for the lifetime warranty on this product! 

This is a big and solid product that is very obviously well made and well thought out and I’m sure my kids and the neighborhood kids will be using it for years to come.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01GK4MDPO]

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5 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    This looks awesome! My oldest has been asking me to buy him a batting cage. This may do the trick.

  2. Lenni Snow says:

    would love it for my little guy!

  3. Ashley Hoot says:

    I would love To win this for my son. He is a baseball fanatic. We have a really small back yard and neighbors on each side. With this net he could start practicing at home instead of having to go to the ball field almost everyday

  4. Ashley says:

    My son is a baseball fanatic . This would really help him practice at home on days we don’t go to the ball field. His birthday is also in a few weeks. He would be ecstatic to get this as a gift.

  5. Misty says:

    My 4 avid baseball/softball playing children would love to have this to practice with in our back yard!

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